Gas Safe Registered Installer

Gas Safe

Gas Safe Registered Installer DWS Mechanical Services are a Gas Safe Registered Installer, which is an essential question to ask before having any works carried out on your premises. We provide industrial and commercial gas installations across the UK. We have over 20 years of experience within the gas industry and are registered to provide…

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Does Your Commercial Air Conditioning Need an Upgrade?

air conditioning engineer

Having commercial air conditioning that is efficient is important in every work environment. Don’t wait until the warm weather comes to realise that your current system is not working effectively! At DWS, we are specialised in offering full system upgrades as well as existing repairs. If your current air conditioning system is taking longer to…

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Choosing the Right Material for Your Pipe Installation

Gas Pipework

When needing a new pipe installation for a heating and air conditioning system, it is important that you carefully consider the different materials that can be used and choose the right one for the purpose and budget. DWS Mechanical Services are a pipework contractor offering a wide range of pipework services including more traditional material,…

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Everything you need to know about Hot Tapping

hot tapping

Hot Tapping is a well-recognised and well used technique by DWS that enables a pipe to be branched off while work is carried out on it without causing disruption to the flow or purpose of the pipe. By cutting or drilling a hole into a pipe, pressure vessels and storage tanks, an opening is created…

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What is Oxy-Acetylene welding?

welder sparks

What is Oxy-Acetylene welding?  Our specialist team of engineers use a variety of techniques when welding or connecting pipework. Oxyacetylene is one such form and is a type of welding and cutting technique that uses a very hot flame that is produced by mixing acetylene and oxygen. French engineers Edmond Fouché and Charles Picard became…

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Gas Safe Registered

gas ring flame

People frequently ask what does it mean to be Gas Safe Registered. Here at DWS Mechanical Services, we explain what being Gas Safe Registered means and how our engineers became Gas Safe Registered. What does it mean to be Gas Safe Registered? Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom…

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What Exactly is Bio-mass?


You may have heard the term bio-mass before but what is biomass and what are its uses? Bio-mass or biomass as it’s sometimes referred to is in our industry technically described as an organic matter used as a fuel. This fuel is usually used in places such as power stations to generation a source of…

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What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Tig Welding

DWS is a mechanical contractor. A mechanical contractor is typically someone who is in charge as heating and cooling systems, refrigeration, piping and plumbing. They work to design, construct and maintain a variety of processes within a construction projection.  Mechanical contractors usually work within the commercial field instead of the residential field; however DWS work…

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What is a HVAC System?

HVAC mobile

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. Therefore, a HVAC system consists of a unit that provides heating and cooling to commercial, industrial and residential premises. As well as this HVAC’s can circulate fresh air into buildings to dilute airborne contaminants such as fumes from cleaning chemicals and odours from occupants. Heating: The heating…

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What is the meaning of “Coded Welder”?

A coded welder is somebody who has taken an exam in a welding process using a certain welding configuration (Welder Approval Test). Every individual method is specific to a certain job, however some codes are more varied and general and others are very specific. Welder approval codes are different in the UK and the USA.…

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