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What You Should Know About HVAC Systems

The role of a HVAC System is to heat, cool, clean and ventilate/dehumidify the air. HVAC systems that work well provide accurate thermal control combined with indoor comfort. DWS Mechanical can provide you with a complete air conditioning system installation, ongoing maintenance, and repairs. HVAC Systems are utilised best in industrial settings and sizeable environments…

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Why Businesses Need Commercial Gas Installers

Commercial gas installers like DWS Mechanical Services are essential when it comes to ensuring gas fittings are completed safely and successfully. It is so important for commercial gas jobs to be done by a qualified professional and gas safe registered installer, due to it being extremely dangerous if installed incorrectly. Every business needs a reliable…

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The Difference Between Commercial Pipework and Domestic

With both commercial pipework and domestic pipework there are expertise required for installation. Although there are similar uses for both, the level of maintenance and installation is much bigger when it comes to commercial pipework. In commercial buildings, pipework is used more regularly and on a more intense level, because of this, the materials used…

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Metal Fabrication – The Process

It is surprising at how many items we use in everyday life are as a result of custom metal fabrication. Valuable assets we use including cars, tools, electronic appliances all make use some form of fabrication. Fabrication is a highly skilled specialism, with engineers operating to precise measurements to ensure accurate parts are produced. What…

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Pipe Fabrication

The Hot Tapping Process Explained

In simple terms, hot tapping is a procedure used when pipelines are damaged or corroded, or additional branches or modifications need to be completed to modify the current network. Hot tapping connects to live pipelines whilst they remain in service, preventing the need for a full shutdown. This is very useful as it prevents huge…

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District Heating

What is District Heating?

District heating, also called heat networks is when a centralised boiler is used to provide heat to several buildings. This is done via the use of pre-insulated pipes to transport heat in hot water or steam form. How Do District Heating Systems Work? District heating systems transport heat, usually to a single building of multiple…

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