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DWS Mechanical Service’s HVAC services include the whole process of designing & installing HVAC systems. DWS Mechanical Services provides services for both single units and huge multi-building complexes. In Dudley, we provide HVAC installation and design services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

From design through implementation, DWS Mechanical can help. We may also help with upgrades and replacement plants for air conditioning and ventilation systems. The work is being done in such a way that it will cause the least amount of disturbance to services while yet providing temporary heating and ventilation.

At DWS, we are licenced HVAC installers. As a consequence, meeting the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation needs of all building applications is a benefit. Our in-house design professionals may come to your place and help you discover industrial plumbing and heating building demands before creating the ideal application for your requirements in Dudley.

HVAC Plant Room Design Dudley

Everything you'll need to complete your project or concept is included in our Dudley HVAC plant room designs. We provide cost-effective complete solutions for your HVAC project from idea to design to installation and commissioning by eliminating the need for several contractors.

Large houses, majestic mansions, hotels, farms, production complexes, office buildings, and apartment buildings are among the places where DWS has placed HVAC plants.

If you are a consultant, installer, construction business, or a homeowner looking for an HVAC or commercial air conditioning installation solution, please contact us right away. Throughout the procedure, one of our expert HVAC engineers will be on hand to advise you and provide you with the most up-to-date industry information in Dudley.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Dudley

DWS Mechanical Services LTD can take care of everything from planning to installation for your air conditioning and ventilation system. We have a package for you, whether you're looking for a single-unit, single-room application or a full-building, multi-room application. Single or multiple cassettes to be used with an external condensing unit, along with numerous cassettes for use with external chillers, are all available (see Chilled Water Services).

DWS is an experienced air conditioning installer who can design, supply, and install a variety of air conditioning systems for existing and new construction projects in partnership with our suppliers and partners.

For additional information about air conditioning and ventilation systems, please contact us right away.

Chilled Water Air Conditioning System Dudley

When we install the chilled water air conditioning systems, DWS provides full design and planning for various applications ranging from large multi-room solutions to modest single room solutions. At DWS, we provide a variety of complete chilled water packages.

Our water systems can be customised to meet your demands for whatever project you give us.

DWS can install a new chilled water system at anytime, anyplace with our new Eco-friendly and high-efficiency equipment, whether replacing old systems or designing and installing systems for newly built premises. When it comes to old appliances, we can do a de-gassing and then arrange for the safe disposal of both the old refrigerant gas and the old devices.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Dudley

Heat pumps from the ground and the air are installed by DWS. We will take care of the entire project, from the initial design to the final installation and aftercare. Using our considerable experience of the installation of these systems, we have completed innumerable projects on small and large domestic homes, as well as huge stately mansions, hotels, and multi-complex housing.

Renewable energy is gaining popularity among both residential and commercial customers. DWS can create solutions to suit any application in partnership with our partners and suppliers, as well as arrange any government subsidies or grants which may be available.

DWS can provide the associated heating services in Dudley:

Temporary or Back-Up Boilers – Additional boilers installed externally and tapped into the existing system, enabling the existing services to continue running whilst the installation works are carried out.

Electrical Installation Works – Complete installation and connection of electrical services required to establish power, lighting and system controls for operating the new equipment. Additional options can include operating alarms to alert of any operating issues, safety alerts and auto shut down in the event of gas escapes or system leaks and monitored maintenance packages upon completion.

Duct Work – Natural and mechanically pumped ventilation systems to ensure adequate air supply for combustion and cooling is always available to ensure optimum running conditions for plant room equipment.

Pump Sets – Single and twin-headed pumps offer high efficiency and smart controls and are designed to distribute the buildings heating and water requirements as required and as demand increases, so do the pump's capacity.

Pipework All required pipework is supplied and fitted to distribute the required services to and from the plant room out to the buildings services.

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District Heating Services

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