Industrial Pipework Installation Services West Midlands

Commercial Pipework Contractors West Midlands

We are a West Midlands-based group that provides commercial piping solutions for mechanical contractors. specialising in pipe manufacturing, welding, and pre-packaged plant services in the West Midlands.

We have a dedicated staff of skilled mechanical engineers, gas engineers, and welders who are code-compliant, and we are conveniently located in the middle of the country. We can finish a wide range of commercial and industrial piping systems in the West Midlands and the UK.

To final clients, principal contractors, and subcontractors alike, we offer the following services:

Pneumatic Airlines, Steam & Condensate Pipework, Compressed Air Pipework, Gas Pipework, Water Pipework

Water, oil, fuels, compressed air/gases, steam, condensation, gas, pneumatics, hydraulics, and drainage are among the pipework services we provide.

(we are not limited to these services only please contact us for more information)

Pipework Fabrication Services

All of our engineers, fabricators, and workers in the West Midlands have received extensive training in the production of pipes. This should be used by commercial and industrial enterprises. DWS provides a full fabrication service to provide solutions for a variety of materials and services across all industries. Our qualified employees and welders assemble your piping to your precise dimensions, whether it is prefabricated in our workshop and brought to the location or built there and installed.

Fabrication West Midlands

Site measuring, pre-fabrication, and site installation are additional services offered by DWS Mechanical. After visiting the location to collect every one of the prefabricated sizes and parts, we return to our workshop to begin manufacturing. When employees return to the site, the pipeline installation is then finished as planned, negating the need for hot work there.

Materials we work with;

Carbon steel, Stainless-steels, Galvanized steels, Alloys, Copper and Plastics.

(we are not limited to these materials only please contact us for more information)

Pipework Installation

The specialised pipework branch of DWS Mechanical is in charge of all industrial and commercial pipeline installations. Working independently of a different contractor to deliver piping installations in the West Midlands as just a stand-alone service or as a component of a managed project from beginning to end. We can assist with all aspects of pipework design, sourcing, and installation to meet your specific needs. providing a full turnkey solution for your project.

Methods of installation we offer;

We offer a variety of installation methods, including welded (various techniques), screwed pipework, fusion welded plastics, brazed pipework, soldered pipework, glued plastics, press systems, push-fit, compression systems, groove lock, and pre-insulated pipes.

We have provided piping installation services to a number of clients in the West Midlands from a range of sectors. DWS has a wealth of expertise as piping installers and maintenance engineers, mostly in the construction, F&M, laundry, energy & power, automotive, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

If you require piping installation or have any other inquiries, please contact us and we will provide you the information you want.

Our Services

District Heating Services

District Heating Services

At DWS, we can provide all your District Heating requirements due to our knowledge and expertise.

HVAC mobile

HVAC System Design & Installation

We can advise the best solutions for your requirements in either Wood Burning Plant, Ground and Air Source Pumps and AC Systems

pipe installation

Pipework Installation

We can advise the best solutions for your requirements in either, Pipework, Pipework Fabrication, Pipework Installation and Pipework Repairs

man welding a compressor

Coded Welding

We can advise the best solutions for your requirements in either, Coded Welding, TIG Welding, MMA Welding and MIG Welding

gas ring flame

Commercial Gas Design & Installation

We can advise the best solutions for your requirements in either Gas, GAS Materials, Methods and Gas Services

hot tap mobile

Hot Tapping Services

We have the ability to perform industrial hot tapping whilst the system is still live

metal fabrication

Metalwork Design & Fabrication

We can advise the best solutions for your requirements in either, Fabrication Services, Thermal Insulation and Design Drawings

rows of washing machines

Specialist Services

We can advise the best solutions for your requirements in either Laundry Sector and Facilities Management

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