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Birmingham Coded Welders

As fully qualified coded welders DWS Mechanical Services offer all aspects of welding both in the commercial and industrial sector throughout Birmingham. Our expert engineers are regularly updated with industry best practice. Along with this we have various coded welding specialists in Birmingham who are highly disciplined in various welding processes. At DWS Mechanical our customers are at the forefront of our service and with that in mind we will always aim to produce and undertake weld procedures to suit your design, specification and requirements.

In addition to our extensive coded welding services we can also provide weld testing in Birmingham to a very high standard. As stated on our coded welding page we can provide NDT testing (Non-Destructive Test) which is the most common form for testing and normally a 5% weld inspection is common. We can offer VT Testing (Visual Inspection), MT testing (Magnetic Particle Inspection, PT Testing (Liquid Penetrant Inspection, UT Testing (Ultrasonic Inspection) and X-Ray (Radiographic Inspection).

TIG Welding in Birmingham

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding or TIG Welding as it's known is an old technique developed over 50 years when magnesium was needed to be welded. Here at DWS we can provide this type of welding service throughout Birmingham. This process require expertise which we can possess is when metals are fused together using the source of heat. TIG welding is used by various companies in Birmingham and is a popular type of welding within lots of different industries.

This specific coded welding type has a clear main advantage. This is that it allows a vast amount of control and precision. This is due to the thin welder that is used. There making TIG welding useful in Birmingham for curved and detailed designs. Along with this, TIG welding is also a very versatile process for both thin and thick metals.

Due to it's specific's and high level of expertise the only down side to this welding type is the skill and concentration levels. When undertaking TIG welding on any Birmingham project our engineers will require a high level of concentration and coordination. These skills will eliminate this disadvantage over time with practice and training.

MMA Welding Birmingham

Manual metal arc or MMA welding as it's commonly known is the complex welding process where there is an electrode and work piece present and the electric arc burns between them. Here at DWS Mechanical Services we can conduct this expert welding process for our customers in Birmingham.

MMA welding is one of if not the most flexible and widely used processes within the industry. This welding process can be used on projects in Birmingham to join nearly all steels and cast iron if required. The main benefit of using MMA welding is that because of it's such high welding speed if it is operated by a qualified professional like ourselves the productivity levels will rise.

Therefore if you are looking or need manual metal arc (MMA) welding in Birmingham then be sure to get in contact with us as we believe we are coded welding specialists.

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